• An aluminum Valance is included with all indoor shades
  • Valance is 3-sided for superior strength


  • 36” looped cord comes standard on right side of the shade
  • Cord can be moved to the left
  • Cord size is length from Valance
  • Tension Device included to keep cord secure and children and pet safe


  • High quality PVC coated polyester
  • Fabric comes standard as a reverse roll
  • Heat and fire resistant for safety
  • 92% UV block


  • Features easy install system
  • Can easily be installed on a ceiling or wall
  • Installation template included
  • Brackets can be installed anywhere along length of Valance

Valance Width Options

  • An aluminum Valance is included with all indoor shades
  • The Valance is 1.75” wider than your fabric (overall, not per side)
  • Minimum Valance width: 12”
  • Maximum Valance width: 72”
  • Sizes within increments of 1/8”

Fabric Drop

  • All indoor shades will have a fabric drop of 72” (not customizable)
  • Excess fabric can remain rolled up around the top tube (hidden by the valance)

How to Measure

Inside Mount


Measure your frame width in at least two (2) places. Use the narrowest dimension as your frame width.


Subtract 0.5’’ to determine the Headrail width you will order.

*Measuring Tip:  Frame Width – 0.5’’ = Headrail width to order


Outside Mount


Measure the window width.


If you want the fabric to completely cover your window, we recommend you order your fabric to be 4” wider (2” per side) than your window width. This will prevent light from entering on the sides of your fabric.

*Measuring Tip: Window width + 4.0’’ = Fabric width to order, Fabric width + 1.75’’ = Valance width to order